2012-04-06 10:46:00

Valentina Trubetskaya, Interfax-Religion editor-in-chief. One more time about the watch

It may be tragic, but I'll never have a Breguet. And I also won't have "not expensive watch with the coat of arms". I just don't wear watch. As happiness takes no account of time and I affiliate myself to those happy people who live in a real, not virtual world. Every evening I hurry home to my beloved people and pets and spend my time with them, preferring them (perhaps, I make a mistake) to wandering solely across notebook matrix.

I got acquainted with the acting Patriarch many years ago also in reality, not virtually. His sermons brought me to the Church. I remember he was giving an interview to someone and I came up and stood nearby. It could seem that he was just speaking on camera, but only I knew that something more important was going on and I think even the speaker didn't know it: his words were opening a gate to the church yard for the young girl, then far from it. I entered the gate and it changed all my life.

I don't know what watch he wore that day, if he wore any, the only thing that mattered were his words...

Perhaps, if you are interested in watch you should go shopping or buy a magazine about celebrities with ads of luxury knickknacks. I venture to think that we come to the church not to stare at the goods of our neighbors. I can only sympathize with people who jointly lined up in spearhead (swinehead?) and attacked the Patriarch last night, having noticed a reflection of the much-talked about Breguet in the old photo. It means that people laid aside their home work and started lingering over the topic that gone sour long ago evidently enjoying an opportunity to point out paternally looking down to the spiritual leader to his "moral discrepancy." How should souls of small people rejoice, leaning against a big name that they "decreed" to dethrone, to bring down to their narrow-minded level. He is the same as we are!

The question is: what the patriarchal table reflected - the watch or a legion of envious souls whose hobby is to peep at others' knicknacks?