2005-06-15 23:58:00

Muhammedgali Khuzin, Mufti of the Perm Region

Muhammedgali Khuzin was born on December 17, 1969, at the Novo-Artaulovo village near Tatyshlino in what was the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of Bashkiria.

He did his compulsory military service in Kazan. After the service in the army, he worked for the Tatyshlino local newspaper in Bashkortostan while attending the madrasah under the Central Muslim Board and the Bashkirian State University Department of the Tatar Language and Literature.

He became imam-hatyb of the Tatyshlino Cathedral Mosque in May 1993 and introduced in it the practice of regular Friday prayers. He initiated the establishment of the Tatyshlino Muhtasib Office of the Central Muslim Board. He was appointed imam-muhtasib and chairman of the Muhtasib Office the same year by the decree of the Supreme Mufti. He resumed the pre-1917 Revolution newspaper Maglumat of the Central Muslim Board in Russia in 1997 and became its editor-in-chief.

After the previous Mufti of the Perm Region retired in December 1997, the Supreme Mufti of Russia appointed Muhammedgali Khuzin as chairman of the Regional Muslim Board in Perm in the rank of mufti.

Mufti M. Khuzin is an energetic propagandist of the Islamic teaching and consistent advocate of the peaceful development of the Islamic civilization.

In 1998, he initiated an Inter-confessional Advisory Committee of the Perm Region, which unites representatives of Orthodoxy, Islam, Old Belief, Judaism, the Roman Catholic and the Evangelical Lutheran Churches.

Mufti Khuzin is actively involved in the work of the Interreligious Council in Russia.