2010-07-15 12:53:00

Metropolitan Hilarion`s condolences over death of Father Andre Louf

To Father Jacque Delsalle, abbot of the Abbey of Mont des Cats, France

Very Reverend Father,

With profound spiritual trepidity I took the news about the death of Father Andre Louf. Being an outstanding representative of the monastic tradition in the West, he remained all his lifetime a real friend of Orthodoxy; he knew it well and loved in profoundly. His spiritual life was filled with love of Holy Scriptures and the teaching of Church Fathers which he handed down to his contemporaries. For 35 years he was abbot of Mont des Cats and a spiritual father who cultivated several generations of monks. Thanks to his numerous books and talks, he was also a spiritual guide for many people living in various countries. He did much to reveal the spiritual treasures of monastic tradition in the West after Vatican II. For a wide range of readers, his books became a manual of spiritual life, an instruction in prayer and a reflection on the Word of God.

It can be stated that Father Andre Louf, because of his spiritual influence on the 22 century Western Christianity, was one of the pillars of modern monasticism. I cherish the bright memory of our acquaintance and spiritual friendship.

Together with you I lift up thanks to the Lord for this outstanding witness of the Spirit who lived in our days. I assure you of my prayers and fraternal love in Christ who has conquered death.

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk,
chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations
Jule 14, 2010