2010-08-02 13:13:00

Patriarch Kirill's condolences over explosion in church of Protecting Veil in ZaporÓzhyŚ

To His Beatitude Vladimir
Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine

To His Grace Joseph
Bishop of Zaporozhye and Melitopol

Your Beatitude,

Your Grace:

I am deeply shocked by the explosion that went off at the church of the Protecting Veil in Zaporozhye. It is terrible even to image what is going on in the minds and souls of those who have committed such a crime. It is still unknown today who were these people and what guided them. But the one thing is clear: they have forgotten God and become servants of hatred. The result is simple - from now on they are murderers and criminals who, by having multiplied evil, have achieved nothing and could achieve nothing, indeed.

Anyone who aims at heaven ultimately hits oneself. I hope that the terrorists will be brought to earthly justice. I am convinced that they have already received the main punishment as they have plunged their souls into the hell of hatred and diabolical malice. Indeed, there is nothing more terrible for one than to mime one's own person by turning from God's likeness into a vessel of evil.

I call upon everybody not to be afraid and at the same time to restrain anger so that it may not turn into blind hatred. Let us not forget that however terrible this age may be, Love will ultimately triumph to overcome the fear of both falsehood and violence.

I pray for the repose of the soul of God's servant Sister Lyudmila. I pray for the health of the servants of God who have been affected by this tragedy. Please convey them my sympathy and love. May the Lord incline His mercy to us, preserving our life in peace and devotion.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
July 29, 2010