2012-11-28 16:52:00

Metropolitan Hilarion's letter of support to Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris, on another attack on traditional ethical values

Your Eminence,

I am writing to you disturbed by reports coming from France about a bill drafted by the ruling Socialist Party, which provides for the legalization of same-sex marriages. By this letter I would like to express solidarity and support for your consistent and uncompromising position which represents truly the Christian view of this problem.

Regrettably, we can see how moral principles to be observed in private and public life are eroding in a country with deep Christian roots. I would like to assure Your Eminence that the Moscow Patriarchate is ready to work together with the Bishops' Conference in France to protect the gospel's ethical values.

It is gratifying that the French in their faithfulness to traditional morality have not remained indifferent to the French authorities' initiative unacceptable to Christians. Evidence to it are numerous demonstrations held recently in several cities of the republic against the legalization of same-sex cohabitation. I hope that the healthy forces of the French society will continue to actively defend the traditional morality.

Using this opportunity, I wish Your Eminence good health, spiritual strength and fortitude and God's help in your work.

With love in the Lord,

+ Hilarion
Metropolitan of Volokolamsk
Department for External Church Relations
Moscow Patriarchate