2014-04-04 11:43:00

Open Conversion of Clergy and Believers of Odessa Diocese of Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the Secretary-General of the UN Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, to the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office, Mr. Didier Burkhalter, to the PACE President Mss Anne Brasseur

Dear Mr. Ban Ki-Moon! Dear Mr. Didier Burkhalter! Dear Mss Anne Brasseur!
Nobis Luna

By the decision of Shevchenko Kyiv Court dated March 24, 2014 according to the request of the Chief Investigator of Security Service of Ukraine Captain of Justice V.Ya. Furik the search in the house of Chairman of the Diocesan Department of Odessa Diocese for Religious Education, missionary and catechesis, Beneficiary of the Church of St. Martyrs Tatiana, Honored Clergyman, father of three children, Archpriest Oleg Mokriak was made. Father Oleg was indicted for the crime under Part 1 of Art. 110 and Part 2 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - actions directed against the National Security of Ukraine.

The search was carried out by the Investigator sent from Kyiv, who was accompanied by Special Forces of Security Service of Ukraine "Alpha" consisting of six employees armed with assault rifle. According to the Search Record the Witnesses were two citizens of Ukraine - one from Cherkassy, the other one was from the Volyn Region and they arrived with takedown team. According to Security Service of Ukraine actions it was seen that the terror against the population of the South- East of Ukraine made by Security Service did not believe in support of their criminal actions from Odessa citizens and bring Witnesses and Investigators from afar. Sending of heavily - armed Special Forces for the search of the house of unarmed and defenseless Clergyman reminds us about the circumstances of the arrest by Pharisees and Chief Priests of our Lord Jesus Christ, who said to his tormentors: " As if a robber came out with swords and clubs to catch me. Every day I was with you in the Church and I teached you and you did not catch me. But let the Scriptures come true" (Mark 14. 48-49). It is terrible that arrests and searches are carried out in the sad days of Holy Lent, when the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for people's sins and prays for his Enemies.

While searching the house of Archpriest Oleg Mokriak, as evidenced by the Record, "nothing was found and nothing was confiscated". We all, Clergy of Canonical Orthodox Church and orthodox Christians of Odessa, are extremely indignant at the outrage upon justice and tyranny made by the Security of Ukraine in regard to the decent pastor of Christ's Church, as well as harassment of any dissent and pressure on the freedom of conscience. What is the guilt Archpriest Oleg Mokriak according to its persecutors? He did not speak from the rostrum of protests, did not make any appeals and proclamations. He merely discharged his pastoral duty at the request of thousands of Orthodox citizens of Odessa gathered on the Kulikovo Field, praying for the rapture of the killed during the events on the Maidan, in particular, for the dead members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Father Oleg is also accused of communication (!) with the Activists Odessa Antimaidan who are congrigations of our church. Such accusations are flagrant violation of fundamental human rights and deserve to become equal to the Bolshevik and Nazi repressions. In our turbulent times, Clergy and Believers of Odessa Diocese every day from the first days of confrontation on Maidan pray for peace and harmony in the Ukrainian society, the reconciliation of warring about disciplining foolish not to start a fratricidal war and human blood was spilled on our troubled land. So cynically Kyiv authorities looks baiting and attacks on Orthodox priest. Now, when the country has a polarity of opinion, thousands of excitement due to the difficult political and economic situation and social upheaval, is not necessary repression and intimidation , arrests and searches of innocent people , and national dialogue , the authorities could hear his people in the West, North, East and South, and keep the peace, stability and harmony in Ukraine. Actions taken against Father Oleg, are ill-conceived attempt to bring the wick to a powder keg and blow up the country not only in the political , cultural and linguistic, but also the religious sphere.

We all express our strong civil protest actions of the Security Service of Ukraine, which is guided by measures of intimidation, harassment and repression. Language of threats, ultimatums, intimidation, provocation, political killings, persecution of dissidents can not unite Ukraine!

We do not want riots gained widespread and disturbing the peace in our multiethnic and multicultural state.

We kindly ask you to intervene in the situation to stop the breach of the constitutional rights and freedoms of the believers in Ukraine - including priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Also we ask you to assist the settlement of the current dangerous political and religious situation in Ukraine.

Hope for a fair and sensible solution to this issue.
Nobis Kato

April 3, 2014