2005-07-08 17:21:00

A message of Patriarch Alexy II to Queen Elizabeth II in connection with the terrorist attacks in London

Your Majesty,

With pain I have learnt that the wave of terrorist attacks bringing death to the whole world has reached the capital city of Great Britain.

In these hard days I pray that those who were killed may find rest, that the injured may be healed and that all your subjects may be able to withstand the deadly blow with courage and help one another to endure its consequences with love.

Unfortunately, the faithful of my Church know only too well what terror is. The blood of innocent people including children has been shed in our cities and villages not for once.

Remembering this bitter experience, I testify that attacks on civilians can never be justified. Every force that prepares such attacks, approves them or participates in planning and propagating them should be excluded from the life of society. There is no other way to defeat terrorism. Both your and our history is clear evidence to it.

Please, convey the most sincere feelings of compassion to all those who need support today. May the Almighty Lord be with Your Majesty and the Government and the people of the United Kingdom. May He ward off every disaster and misfortunes from your country.

With profound respect,

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia
July 8, 2005