2005-07-09 13:09:00

Leaders joint declaration on climate change and the defence of life

We call upon all to people of our world for a critical common effort to preserve and promote life on this planet earth.

As people of many diverse faiths, we believe that the atmosphere that supports life on earth should be respected and protected as it unites us as one human family.

Our actions are promoting the loss of the precious balance of climate patterns and global warming is beginning to seriously harm many creatures and continues to threaten those millions who live along low lying waters through the world.

We call for courageous action to protect the earth's atmosphere with a sense of solidarity and justice for all creatures, to preserve and restore the world's forests, oceans and wildlife as sacred gifts where life develops and flourishes.

We call for a world reduction in CO2 emissions and harmful polluting greenhouse gases and to active development of alternative energy sources; hybrid, fuel cell, solar, hydro for our common future.

It is at the beginning of this millennium that we invite all brothers and sisters of our sacred and fragile earth to join us in taking our responsibility as trustees for promoting and defending all life and celebrating it's sacred wonder we have been placed in, for us and future generations.