2005-08-18 17:33:00

Condolences of Patriarch Alexy II to the Taize Community Prior with the tragic death of a well-known Christian leader Fr. Roger Schutz

Dear brother in Christ,

It was with a profound grief that I learned of the tragic death of the founder of the Taize community Fr. Roger, whose earthly way had been an example of the life of a Christian who dedicated himself to the ministry to God.

Fr. Roger was known throughout the world as a founder of the Taize community that he led for over 60 years. An inspired preacher and man of prayer, a zealous worker in the field of Christ, he had gained respect everywhere for his tireless aspiration to establish relations of peace and love among Christians and for his preaching Christian ideals to European youth.

I am convinced that the tragic death of Fr. Roger was a great loss for the whole Christian world.

I express my sincere condolences to all members of the Taize community and pray for the repose of the late Fr. Roger in the heavenly mansions.

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia
August, 18, 2005