2005-10-14 14:22:00

Appeal to the Turkish ambassador to Ukraine from the all-Ukrainian rally in support of canonical Orthodoxy

Esteemed Mr. Ambassador,

With deep regret we have to state that the actions of some Turkish citizens are threatening peace and inter-confessional stability in Ukraine.

We are disturbed by the actions of the Turkish citizen, Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, who seeks to provoke a schism in the world Orthodoxy. First he invaded the canonical territory of the Moscow Patriarchate in Estonia and now his aspirations are aimed at Ukraine.

It has become known that the Patriarch of Constantinople intends to open his church representations in Lvov, Kiev and other cities in Ukraine and to install Bishop Hilarion Rudnik as his representative in Ukraine.

All this is done behind the back of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and represents an insult to millions of her faithful. It is a glaring violation of church canons, a challenge to the entire Orthodox world. The planned church representations are intended to become a platform for legitimatization of such schismatic groups as 'Kievan Patriarchate' and 'UAOC' with which Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople has struck a secret compact.

How long will the patriarch of Fanar create problems in relations between Slavic peoples and the Turkish people?

If we are left with no other choice for defending our Church from the encroachments of the Patriarch of Constantinople, we will have to call the Orthodox faithful in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia and Moldova not to visit Turkish resorts and not to buy Turkish goods. We will create serious difficulties for Turkish building companies who work en mass in Ukraine and Russia; we will demand that the authorities cancel contracts with them; we will block entries to their construction sights.

We hope the Turkish government will realize the seriousness of the situation and find ways to stop Patriarch Bartholomew who makes unlawful claims to the office 'pope' of the Orthodox world and the status of a second Vatican for the tiny quarter of Fanar.

October 14, 2005