2005-11-10 10:18:00

Atheism is opium for the people. Statement of the Union of Orthodox Citizens

The laughable appeal made by a ‘relic’ group of the militant atheists to the Russian Constitutional Court demanding that the reference to God should be dismissed from the national anthem was immediately extolled by those who are not pleased with the Orthodox revival in our country. However, the recent events in Europe and Russia have shown that ‘secular totalitarianism’ leads to a disaster. Today’s events in France were predetermined when ‘the Brussels bureaucracy’ refused to comply with requests from European Catholics to refer to Europe’s Christian roots. Now the West is facing the fruits of its disregard of Christ beginning from dogmatic innovations to the loss of its own identity and consequently helplessness in face of terrorism and a total demographic crisis threatening to dilute the European nations.

Similar consequences of militant atheism are visible in Russia as well. It is atheism, unbelief, that is the real cause of Russia’s demographic crisis, epidemic of alcoholism and drug-addiction and geopolitical defeats. On the other hand, the national humiliation of the largest divided nation in the world, the Russian nation, the unprecedented violations of the rights of Russian people in Ukraine and the Baltics, the Wahhabi aggression - all this leads to reciprocal manifestations of radical nationalism and extremism. It is only the Orthodox foundation that will make the Russian revival positive and creative, while the reunification of Historical Russia real, because the Russian Orthodox Church is the only whole structure in the post-Soviet space. Incidentally, national extremists and Nazis tend to hate the Russian Orthodox Church, being worshippers of neo-paganism. Their crowd is joined by those who deprive our children of an opportunity for studying Basic Orthodox Culture in school and forbid the mention of God in the national anthem in a country whose population is 90-percent baptized in Orthodoxy!

We assert nothing, but notice that the demarche of ‘militant atheists’ coincided with another peremptory shout from ‘the Washington Central Committee’ addressed to the Russian Orthodox Church and Russia. We mean the report of the State Department in support of non-traditional religious minorities in Russia.

Therefore, all those who cherish the sovereignty of the Russian State, the national dignity and the revival of our nation should welcome not only the reference to the name of God in the Russian national anthem, but also the legislative sealing of the role of the Russian Orthodox Church as a state-forming force.

November 10, 2005