2006-01-10 13:07:00

Congratulations or Russian President V.Putin on Kurban Bairam

I greet Russian Muslims with Kurban Bairam.

This radiant feast concludes hadj - pilgrimage of Muslims to the Islamic holy sites. It reminds us that the traditions of Islam, as well as of other world religions, are based on the eternal values of justice, good, charity and care for neighbors irrespective of their nationality and religious belief. It is especially important today, when the state and society are to oppose together any manifestations of extremism and any attempts to distort the very essence of Islam and to use it for selfish and aggressive ends.

I am convinced that Russian Muslims will contribute to the development of interconfessional dialogue, mutual understanding and good-neighborly relations among people.

I sincerely wish you peace, good health, happiness and all the best. May peace and comfort prevail in your homesí.

January 10, 2006