2006-01-10 16:19:00

An appeal of the Chief Rabbi of Russia on Sharon's disease

Jews have a custom: When somebody from among our close ones is seriously ill, especially if he finds himself in a situation between life and death, all of his friends visit the Synagogue to pray to G-d that he granted that person a full recovery. Even if doctors throw up their hands and see no way out just the same we request the Almighty to perform a miracle and return the sick person to a fulfilling life.

It is for this reason that today we are appealing to all Jews of Russia to pray together, so that the Creator of everything living restored strength and health to Ariel Sharon. All Russian Jews understand that this person, who stands as the head of Israel, bears great responsibility for the fate of the Jewish state, the entire Middle East and, to some extent, for global stability.

It goes without question that the role played by Ariel Sharon as an important politician is widely appreciated by Jews throughout the world. But we, Jews of Russia, feel a particular closeness to this individual. We remember well the heartfelt relationship that Mr. Sharon always demonstrated to us during his visits to Moscow actually, during each of his visits he came to the Synagogue, met with local Jews, and spoke with particular respect regarding the humane and cultural potential of our community. We won't forget his traditional friendly disposition in relation to the Russian state and its leadership.

The fate of Ariel Sharon is now in the heart of every Jew we will pray for him and hope that the Almighty sends him a full recovery.

January 9, 2006