2006-02-06 17:11:00

Statement of the Union of Orthodox Citizens on the ‘cartoon’ scandal

The Union of Orthodox Citizens expresses its full solidarity with our Muslim brothers who managed to obtain justice in the ‘cartoon’ scandal provoked by a Danish newspaper. The fact that the ‘educated’ Western mass media that tenderly care for the rights of sexual minorities and exhilarated feminists, afford even more often to deliberately offend the believers, first of all Christians and Muslims, can not but evoke indignation.

It was by God’s Providence that political correctness was taken to the point of absurdity in Denmark - the country that openly supports Chechen terrorists. It will be interesting to hear what the Danes would say when ‘the noble fighters against Russian colonialism’ will be the first to put bombs in the editorial offices of the newspapers that have recently extolled them? Can this misunderstanding can be written off as machinations of Russian special services? Or would they rather be honest to admit that their government's policy was mad to the point of suicide?

It was amazing to see how the countries of the one Europe encouraged immigration of the most radical Islamists, - while the Muslim states were happy to get rid of them, - gave them huge allowances and compete freedom for missionary activity, and later began to ban hijabs and publish insulting cartoons, being sincerely amazed at mass pogroms and boycott of their goods. It looks like that the ‘educated’ Europeans deliberately provoke the growth of extremism among the Muslims.

It should be noted that the problem of offending the feelings of believers is still actual in our country as well. Just sentence to the organizers of the ‘Beware, religion!’ exhibition cooled down the hotheads of the most scandalous artists. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about scandalous writers. Russian shops are filed up with satanist, occult, pagan and wahhabite literature that kindles hatred for Christianity and other traditional religions of our country.

Well-known publishers issue this kind literature on the money of the well-known people. Prudent representatives of business elite should boycott these people. The Union of Orthodox Citizens declares its willingness to make public the names of those who sponsor extremists and terrorists. These are bankers, hotels owners and, regrettably, even senators.

February 6, 2006