2006-03-16 12:03:00

An open letter of Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia to Moscow Mayor Luzhkov on a idea of holding gay parade in the capital city

Your Excellency, deeply respected Yuri Mikhailovich!

Knowing your principle position on an initiative of a group of persons of untraditional sexual orientation to hold their march in Moscow next spring, I would like to express my support to you and thank you for your decision to prevent public propaganda for immorality. As Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church and ruling bishop of Moscow, I was gratified to learn that you and the government of Moscow have approached this problem with civil responsibility not only for the present of our country, but also for its future.

In connection with the petition to realize this project, I cannot but say some words about the attitude of the Church to such phenomena. Sex difference is regarded as a particular gift of God in the Holy Scripture, Church teaching and its centuries-old experience. Man and woman have been created for integral union in the spirit of Christian love as equal bearers of the image of God with equal human dignity. Marriage embodies the original plan of God about creation and is a means of continuation and multiplication of human race: ‘And God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it’ (Gen 1:28). Man and woman are two different images of life in one humanity. Moreover, they need communion and mutual making up. That is why the Church has invariably supported the institution of the family and condemns untraditional relations, seeing them as a vicious deviation from God-given human nature.

The Church treats people with such inclinations with pastoral responsibility urging them to reform and resolutely opposes any attempts to present this sinful tendency as a ‘norm’ and example to follow. The Church does not accept any propaganda for immorality.

There is another side of this vicious asocial phenomenon. Russia is living through a demographic crisis. The Church together with the authorities, businessmen and public at large does what it can to help solve the problem. We are called to bring up young generation in the spirit of traditional spiritual and moral values through our common efforts. I am convinced that gays’ desire to organize a parade in Moscow will not help strengthen the family as the foundation of a strong state.

Dear Yuri Mikhailovich, please accept our gratitude for your decision to protect Moscow and Muscovites against attempts to organize a public parade of propaganda for sin. I am convinced that the overwhelming majority of our citizens are grateful to you and the Moscow government for your care for public morality.