2006-08-08 13:40:00

Appeal of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Russia to the European Court for Human Rights concerning the refusal to register the NBP

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are appealing to you regarding the attempts to enlist the support of the Human Rights Court in Strasburg by an extremist organization 'National-Bolshevik Party' (NBP), which has failed to attain official recognition in Russia. The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has denied the registration of this organization as a political party and later banned its activity in view of its obvious extremist and xenophobic nature.

In Russia, this "party" is seen as one of the leading neo-Fascist organizations. Its mission statement, distributed by active members of this organization, contains clauses that directly cite programs of German National-Socialism and Italian Fascism. The same can be said about the symbols used by NBP for agitation in Russia, including the use of the swastika and the Nazi salute.

Eduard Limonov, the leader of this organization, has repeatedly called his party the left wing of Russian national-socialism. In addition, he has served a prison sentence for the illegal possession of a weapon that he had purchased together with his associates with the purpose of organizing a revolt in one of the counties neighboring Russia.

Statements made by the NBP leader Eduard Limonov, as well as the activity carried out by his associates, leaves no doubt that the NBP indeed is an extremist organization, while the ideological platform it stands on cannot be called anything other than Neo-Fascism.

In the 15 years that the new Russia has been developing, propaganda of the idea of a new social revolution and hatred towards foreigners was only the approach of a small group of political outsiders, part of which the 'National Bolshevik Party' has always been. Official recognition of the NBP as a political party may set a dangerous precedent, which would result in the spread of extremism and Fascism within society. The possible consequences of such a scenario are well known from the history of the twentieth century. Not only are prophets of radical ideas responsible for such scenario, but also those who assist in the recognition of the right of such organizations to propagandize their ideas amidst other respectable political organizations.

Dear judges of the Strasburg Court, we are appealing to you, as those who are committed to defending the human rights, with the request that you prevent the recognition of the National-Bolshevik Party as a legal political organization and to refrain from providing any support to these Neo-Nazis.

Alexander Boroda,
Chairman of the Board
Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia