2021-10-21 00:00:00

Putin asking Western civilization 'to steer clear of our home'

Sochi, October 21, Interfax - The Western civilization has the right to choose its own values, but at the same time it should not force them on other countries, including Russia, President Vladimir Putin said.

"We are watching with astonishment the processes taking place in the countries that used to considering themselves flagships of progress. Of course, the sociocultural disturbances that are taking place in the States, in Western Europe are none of our business, we are not getting into that. Some people in Western countries believe that the aggressive deletion of whole pages of their own history, reverse discrimination against the majority in the interests of minorities or a demand to give up basic things such as mother, father, family or gender differences constitute movement towards public renewal. It's their right, but we are asking them to steer clear of our home. We have a different viewpoint," Putin told the international Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi.

"An overwhelming majority of Russian society has a different viewpoint," the president said. "We believe we should be guided by our own spiritual values, by historical traditions, by the culture of our multinational people," the president said.

"Adepts of so-called social progress believe they are bringing some new, better knowledge to humanity," he said. "So, God willing. Let them go ahead with it. Only the recipes they are offering are not new at all, we have done all that in Russia," Putin said.

As an example, he mentioned the radical changes that happened in Russia after 1917.

"The Bolsheviks, using the dogmas of Marxism, also said they would change the usual ways, not only political and economic, but the very idea of human morals, the foundations of the healthy existence of society, up to the complete abandonment of family. Such things have happened!" the president said.