2006-11-08 15:32:00

Gay parade in Jerusalem is a dirty, insulting and indecent PR action

The chief rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar said in his interview to Interfax-Religion that an intention of sexual minorities to hold gay parade has nothing to do with the freedom of self-expression and democratic rights. They would achieve the only object - to insult the feelings of believers.

- What is your attitude to pride parade planned in Jerusalem on November 10?

- Our attitude to gay pride parade in Jerusalem is distinctly negative. I assure you that it is such not because we are against democratic rights of people, including the right of demonstrations. The point is that the organizers and participants of the parade of the so-called ‘sexual minorities’ insist on public demonstration of their way of life. I believe they somehow show uncertainty about their case, if not an inferiority complex, as they are not quite sure whether they are normal and badly need public recognition. Private and family life of a normal human being is hidden from the others. Indeed, these relations are called intimate, because they are performed intimately rather than in the street in the presence of other people.

- What do you think about the resolution of such conflicts in a democratic society?

- Any believer is convinced that we should not behave as our whimsy takes us. God has established the laws of behavior for us, including that beyond the walls of our own home. Freedom is limited even in a secular democratic society. A common rule of secular democracy says: my freedom ends there where another person’s freedom begins. In other words, while we are at home we can do whatever we like, but in the street we ought to adapt our actions to the customs and habits of other people. While these ‘sexual minorities’ adhere to their customs in a closed society of people like themselves, democratic authorities have no right to suppress them even if they do not accept their way of life. However, when they drag out their customs that are not acceptable to everyone to the streets and squares, they insult the feelings of majority. They say they hold their parade so that people can understand them. Yet it would be much better if they learn to understand the feelings of other people first and then demand understanding.

- Are you saying that the organizers have other purposes?

- The most provoking is the fact that they have chosen Jerusalem for their parade. It would be naïve to think they do not know that Jerusalem is not an ordinary city, but the spiritual centre of the three great religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It would be even more naïve to believe they are not aware that the believers perceive their actions as a violation of God’s commandments. If the main purpose of gay parade in Jerusalem is to insult the feelings of believer, this purpose will certainly be achieved. In this case one should stop taking about the freedom of self-expression and democratic right of minorities. One should see that the only object of this parade is to make a PR action, which is dirty, insulting and indecent.