2010-05-31 18:16:00

Gay pride parade looks more like provocation than demonstration to protect human rights

LGBT activists' attempt to hold their pride parade in Moscow met with an adverse reaction of citizens yet another time. President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda also spoke against such public events in an interview to Interfax-Religion.

- Members of LGBT community made another attempt to hold their pride parade in Moscow. Members of the Russian Orthodox Church and other religious organizations came out against this event. What does the Jewish community of Russia think about this initiative?

- The Jewish community of Russia has repeatedly stated clear its attitude to such events: any public event should be held with a clear view of its possible effects. Today, the Russian society does not seem ready to accept such parades; the participants' behavior may result in outbursts of violence in Moscow streets. Therefore, such gay parade looks more like a provocative action than the demonstration to protect human rights. The rights can be efficiently protected in courts. The conclusion is only obvious - the core motivation of organizers which makes them hold such events is their wish to get publicity in media gaining doubtful profile and promotion.

- Do you think that such bans may be an infringement on the right to freely express one's own opinion?

- I'd like to stress that the Jewish community is in no case willing to oppose any democratic rights, including the right to hold demonstrations. But the thing is that organizers and members of the so-called "sexual minorities" insist on public demonstration of their life style. However, normal people prefer to conceal their private and family lives from others.

When you hear that any person has the right to publicly express his/her opinion, I believe, there are exceptions to this rule, and some intimate issues should not be made public.