2006-11-16 17:28:00

Andrey Kurayev invites Estonia to pull down the ‘occupant’ monuments and buildings of all epochs

Moscow, November 16, Interfax - The Moscow theological academy professor, deacon Andrey Kurayev spoke ironically about Estonian parliament’s plan to pull down the monument to the Soldier-Liberator in Tallinn.

The Estonian authorities should ‘go all the way and pull down not only monuments, but everything that the ‘occupant’ empires built in their country,’ Kurayev said in his interview to Interfax.

He thinks they should start with the buildings of the Teutonic Order dominion time, proceed to the time of the Swedish rule, then to that of the Russian Empire, and finish with the Soviet period buildings.

‘As a result, Estonia will get rid of everything the foreign ‘occupant’ powers befouled its holy soil, thus setting up a unique European landscape reserve. The separate Estonian state would be able to develop its absolutely new life on this open field,’ the interviewee remarked.