2011-01-11 12:48:00

Young participants of Christmas party presented Patriarch Kirill a puppy

Moscow, January 11, Interfax - Pupils of Sunday schools, Orthodox gymnasiums, orphanages and disabled children who came to the State Kremlin Palace on Sunday to the patriarchal Christmas party gave Patriarch Kirill a puppy as a Christmas present.

The new Primate's pet belongs to the rare in Russia breed of Polish Mountain Sheepdog, the Patriarch press service reported. It is a white and fluffy animal that will grow up to 70 cm at withers.

The Polish Sheepdog originated from Asian sheepdogs that came from the East when vagrant tribes migrated. Thus the puppy given to the Primate on Christmas is a far relative of Middle Asian sheepdogs that Patriarch Kirill keeps for many years.

According to dog experts, Polish Sheepdogs almost disappeared during World War II, but then the breed was restored. They are sturdy, brave and responsible dogs with quick reaction. Dogs are energetic, smart, quick and tireless with good and calm tempers, but they do not stand rudeness. They can be stubborn, have their own point of view and take independent decisions. It is a vigilant guard. It adapts to city life, but needs long walks.