2011-04-19 16:56:00

Penguins and petrels were always up to sneak things from chapel construction site in the Antarctic

Moscow, April 19, Interfax - The enthusiasts of chapel construction in the Antarctic faced the resistance of local fauna.

"Penguins always interfered with our work. They are not afraid of us at all. Here we kept our duster, and they sneaked it off several times. And giant petrels also were up to snitch things - they used to grab something just in one meter from where we were," Polar explorer Vladimir Koshelev said as quoted by the Orthodox newspaper Krestovsky Most.

The church was put up at the Ukrainian station Academician Vernadsky at the Galindez Island. Archbishop Augustin of Lvov and Galicia consecrated the chapel. He worked on the church construction together with other team members.