2011-07-21 16:38:00

Dry-cleaners prevented couple of Moscow newlyweds from getting married in the church

Moscow, July 21, Interfax - Family of Muscovites initiated a case against consumer service as the young couple failed to get married in the church due to its fault the whole year through.

The Moskovsky Komsomolets daily has reported on Thursday that the capital's resident Maria could not forgive dry-cleaners that they had spoilt her luxurious wedding dress. The girl first put on her long white dress decorated with lace, beads and pearls on her civil wedding ceremony. After the ceremony the skirt was dusty and dirty and the bride decided to urgently give it to dry-cleaners as a church wedding ceremony was soon to take place.

The young wife was terrified to see the cleaned dress as instead of white it became partly grey partly beige, pearls melted and left brown stains, the whole dress had fractures and worn spots and lace became fleecy as they were worn out.

The husband and wife decided to postpone the ceremony until dry-cleaners compensate the damage for the spoilt dress that cost over 2 thousand dollars. However it was very difficult to get back the money: the company refused to satisfy the reclamation as receiving the dress the client had not expressed her discontent.

The conflict has lasted so long that the young woman managed to give birth to a baby.

Photo by the Interfax-Religion