2012-12-10 12:27:00

The only GPS-Navigator of the Siberian travelers broke down on 666th mile to the nearest rotation

Novosibirsk, December 10, Interfax - The Siberian extreme team, making a tour around the world on a catamaran, faced a mysterious breakdown of a GPS-Navigator, guided them on the right route, reported on the official website of the expedition.

"Yesterday I discovered that the number of miles to the nearest rotation is 666, grinned at that, then turned away, turned around and saw a black screen. As a result 40 minutes were spent on troubleshooting. In general, when I had already lost all hope of repair it in the field, useful for the scheme, look - a scheme there. He turned and saw a ragged power cord," says a participant of the expedition Stanislav Beryozkin on tape, posted on the site.

According to him, the travelers eliminated the problem and now they are floating to Papua New Guinea not in the blind.

Previously the Siberians` vessel was attacked by a shark. That is why the catamaran nearly went under water.

According to the travellers they met with the President of the Islands of French Polynesia Oscar Temaru and spent a few days on the island of Fatu Hiva, where he visited the famous Norwegian Explorer Thor Heyerdahl.

One of the travelers, Beryozkin fell overboard during a heavy storm. He swam under the water, grabbing one of the ropes hanging from the ship, and managed to escape.

The extremal team from Siberia began they round-the-world journey on an inflatable boat in November of 2010.