2013-10-28 13:28:00

Timoshenko's icon on Internet sale for 100,000

Kiev, October 28, Interfax - An "icon" depicting Ukrainian ex-prime minister Yulia Timoshenko is on sale at the eBay auction, starting price is 100,000 Euro, the Ukrainian edition of the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports.

"Modern Yulia Timoshenko's icon, mixed collage technique, painting. Size 60x50," the author writes in the commentaries.

The edition says no one has desired to buy the work for the three days, though four thousands of users looked through the announcement.

The "icon's" author is Timoshenko's old-time admirer Italian painter Antonio Matragrano. He became famous last year when he wished to present Timoshenko her portrait. His first work dedicated to the ex-prime minister was created during the legal process: Timoshenko's face was crossed with the prison bars, today her photos are placed at the painter's page in Facebook alongside with the slogan "Yulia's free."

"Judging from his other works, Antonio ranks Timoshenko among actresses and models. He made Naomi Campbell's and Monica Bellucchi's portraits in the same technique," the edition notes.