2014-05-27 10:05:00

Orthodox businessman crosses barcodes on his production

Moscow, May 26, Interfax - Barcodes are crossed with St.Andrew cross at packages with milk manufactured by the company of renowned Orthodox businessman, leader of the Svyataya Rus movement Vasily Boiko-Veliky.

"It has been known long ago that barcode on the goods is a prototype of anti-Christ stamp, the number 666 is always present on it, which is the name of anti-Christ covered in the Holy Scripture," the company's press service explained.

It is also claimed that when barcodes were worked out, the "anti-Christ number" was introduced there intentionally.

"It was possible to use neutral zeros or ones, sevens or eights. Three sixes were used at least out of "black humor, and most likely out of conscious atheism. Orthodox elders have long ago warned that barcode will have the stamp that will be implanted to people on forehead and hand," the message reads.

The manufacturer informs that earlier they conducted three barcode researches realized by former highly professional experts in the field of programming - monks from the Athos Monastery Gregoriou.

"According to the standard, barcodes have three stripes: two from edges and one in the middle. Other stripes correspond to individual cipher code and refer to ciphers from 0 to 9. So three universal stripes, longer than individual ones, correspond to one cipher, which is six. As there are three universal stripes, they make three sixes," the message reads.