2014-10-28 11:51:00

Competitors give up Russian witch protesting against church building to the police in Moscow

Moscow, October 28, Interfax - A woman dressed as Russian folk witch Baba Yaga held a picket against church building in the park not far from the Polyarnaya Street in north-east Moscow.

She came out with a placard 'Baba Yaga against the church', but policemen called by other church opponents detained her, the Sorok Sorokov church movement coordinator Andrey Kormukhin told Interfax-Religion.

He supposes that activists, who also held a protest action there, saw a competitor in Baba Yaga as she was "more creative and bright."

"Opponents of church building in Moscow only have to take vampires and zombi to their meetings in order to attract attention to their atheistic activities," the interviewee of the agency said.