2012-12-12 10:00:00

Lenin's reburial "not on the agenda" - Putin spokesman

Novo-Ogaryovo, December 12, Interfax - The proposed reburial of Russian Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin "is not on the agenda," President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said.

Nor did Putin draw any parallels between Lenin's embalmed body, which lies in a granite mausoleum on Moscow's Red Square, and the relics of saints during a meeting on Monday with his former election campaign activists, Peskov told reporters.

"There's no way there could have been any direct comparison. It's clearly torn out of context," the spokesman said.

Peskov said he was aware that Putin's mention of saints' relics during the meeting sparked a public debate.

"At the same time, it is clear just from the context alone that no comparison was made. The president said, and quite convincingly as well, that any ideology of any period, any people and country, contains a nucleus that is composed of values shared by everyone, values that stem from commandments, from general human values. Such values manifest themselves at any stage in history," the spokesman said.