2013-01-17 15:58:00

The report of the U.S. Department of State on religious situation in Russia distinguishes the "high degree of hack-work", said human right activist

Moscow, January 17, Interfax - Director of the human rights center of the World Russian People's Council Roman Silantyev considered the report of the Commission of the U.S. State Department's international religious freedom on the situation with religious freedom in Russia to be a hack, based on hearsay.

"The biased nature of the reports of the Department of State has been said a lot, and this character with time, no changes are undergoing, however, the quality of reports fails every year. It is difficult to say who specifically preparing texts for the State Department, however, any research these people themselves do not bother," Silantyev writes in an article published by the Interfax-Religion website.

According to him, on the whole, despite the "high degree of hack-work, it's the report as a report". "The Department of State cares for his allies: Jehovah Witnesses, Mormons, Krishna worshippers, Orthodox schismatic, Pussy Riot and firmly established in their list Salafis. The latter, by the way, every year is written more - though not Scientologists progressive, but good is not an example of more," the article reads.

Noting that such a document can be easily prepare for the day, "just after wandering through the Internet and interviewing with a half-dozen friends", the author asks the question: "What is the budget allocated to his writing? Do and then steal?"

As writes Silantyev, it is assumed that any serious document, especially reflects the official position of the state should be based on the sources, but not on the rumours, especially if these resources are open and easily accessible, "but not for all of it obviously.

He quotes from the report: "the representatives of Muslims informed the Commission of the Department of State that some of the texts approved by the Council of Muftis of Russia, have been banned, including the book of the President of the Council Ravil Gainutdin".

"It is clear that unnamed representatives of Muslims is very relied on financial, due to the Americans persecuted minorities, but is it worth it for the sake of this exhibit Ravil Gainutdin, "a victim of the regime"? The books he had not been forbidden, that you can easily check the search function on the Federal list of extremist materials," Silantyev said.

With regard to the approval of the rapporteurs of the two millions Moscow Muslims, huddle in four mosques, then, according to him, "really Muscovites-Muslims a little more than half a million, and mosques and prayer halls have them under a hundred".

According to the State Department, in the Russian army were appointed 200 Orthodox chaplains and no one Muslim, Buddhist or Jewish. However, as noted by the human rights activist, these data are obsolete in two years. He pointed out that by the year 2012 is scheduled for two Muslim chaplain, and Orthodox priests there is "dramatically less than 200".

"The main pearl of the" report Silantyev called a statement that the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, "distorts the Chechen Sufi tradition to justify his power."

"It appears that now the Department of State closely monitors the integrity of the Sufi traditions and ready to severely punish the retreat from them through the seizure of assets and the prohibition of entry into the United States (but not the Salafi - they can). You need to tell the Foreign Ministry of Russia the idea included in the "black list" of two-thirds of the employees of the Department of state for "the confession of the Protestant heresy, distorts the doctrine of the Orthodox Church". And there is nothing any of the Protestant ethic justify the U.S. claims to world domination!" added the author.