2013-03-04 10:04:00

Migration officials obstructed a play about the Pussy Riot at Moscow's Sakharov center

Moscow, March 4, Interfax - The Russian migration service has urged Swiss stage director Milo Rau, whose production about the Pussy Riot singers has been staged at Moscow's Sakharov center, not to violate Russian migration regulations.

"Foreign nationals, including reporters, will feel secure if they remain within the realm of law," Federal Migration Service (FMS) chief Konstantin Romodanovsky told Interfax on Sunday.

"I am sure Russian reporters working abroad act this way," he said.

Rau, whose interactive production titled "The Moscow Trials" was on at the Sakharov center, is a journalist, according to migration officials.

FMS deputy head Sergey Kalyuzhny told Interfax earlier on Sunday that Rau had entered Russia by a business visa which rules out employment, however. Kalyuzhny also said that Rau had been warned.

It emerged on Sunday that migration officials entered the Sakharov Center and obstructed a play, staged by Rau. The inspection was allegedly over Rau's not having a work permit.

"Moscow Trials" project recreates the stories of three high-profile trails of the past 10 years related to religion in Russia: the trials of the organizers of the art exhibitions "Beware: Religion!" and "Prohibited Art" and the trial of three members of Pussy Riot punk group.