2013-04-15 18:11:00

Victims of priests-pedophiles to establish fund against phenomenon in Poland

Kaliningrad, April 15, Interfax - A group of citizens, victims of priests-pedophiles, wants to establish a fund in Poland, which will pursue the phenomenon in the Church, the Polish cultural center in Kaliningrad said citing Polish mass media outlets.

The center said that this would be the first organization of this kind in Poland.

People who were sexually abused by priests as children intend to make such cases public and help other victims and their families.

The idea to create such a fund emerged as a result of the discussion of the issue on online forums, during which people talked about what had happened to them in the past. The group comprises both genders. Most of them are over 40 years old but there are those who are just over 20.

The fund's base was formed in 2011 when three victims had joined, one of the fund's founders said. "The legal form will allow us to be partners during talks with the Church because when we reach it as private citizens, this establishment is not taking that very seriously," he said.

The activist said that "we are not going to fight with the Curch, we are not against the Church."

"We just want to talk to it about ordinary things, such as firing priests, apologies. Property issues are a secondary problem," the activist said.

The fund wants to not only unite people, who have been sexually abused by priests, but also those who deal with the issue of pedophilia: lawyers, counselors and sociologists. It intends to cooperate with similar organizations in Ireland, the Netherlands and the United States.