2013-05-07 14:24:00

Kadyrov says Western special services send Chechen natives to "jihad" in Syria

Grozny, May 7, Interfax - Western special services prevent return of Chechen natives and use them for their own purposes, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov said.

"We have asked ourselves previously: why do Western special services prevent Chechen natives from returning home from Europe, Turkey? Today we are certain that they use them in their interests, send to such places as Syria. They say that many were already killed, including Chechens who lived in Europe, in Syria, in Turkey and other countries and were citizens of these countries," Kadyrov said while answering reporters' questions after a meeting in Grozny.

Kadyrov said that there was evidence that several Chechen citizens went to Syria to fight in the holy war as they thought. "They threw dust in their eyes through social networks, trained in other countries. How can one leave parents, loved ones and go looking for happiness in the war in Syria?" he said.

"The purpose of Western special services is to weaken Arab countries. There is no holy war in Syria, no jihad. Both sides in the Syrian conflict show brutality and cruelty, taunt the people," Kadyrov said.