2013-05-13 10:27:00

Russia, China can make world better together - Patriarch Kirill

Beijing, May 13, Interfax - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia went up the section of the Great Wall of China close to Beijing on Saturday.

On the Great Wall of China, a person not only touches the history and culture of China, but also "the very spirit of China" and can understand the Chinese nation and its traditions, the patriarch told the reporters who accompanied him.

"That, of course, makes us respect our great neighbor a lot," Patriarch Kirill said.

The patriarch also said Russia has manifested the strength of the spirit of its people in the wars in which it fought, especially in the exploration of Siberia, "which demanded great effort and has astounded and still astounds many people."

"Our nations touch here, in the Far East. For this reason, by combining our efforts we should work together for the goof future of our peoples and the whole world," Patriarch Kirill said.