2013-05-13 11:27:00

Stalin's power was from God, period of his rule was slandered, Orthodox priest believes

Moscow, May 13, Interfax - Truth about Joseph Stalin stays unrevealed as he fell a victim to Khrushchev and perestroika propaganda, Orthodox priest and publicist Nikolay Bulgakov believes.

"The truth about Stalin period of our history has never been told. And not only in our country, but abroad, in emigrant literature as well," the priest writes in his article published in May edition of the Rus Derzhavnaya Orthodox paper.

He believes that archives dedicated to the Stalin period are closed as there are no facts there that "will contribute to total and final destalinization," otherwise these facts would be already made public. The author concludes that "it's easy to comprehend that there are documents there that would expose Khrushchev and perestroika historic version."

Father Nikolay believes that the Lord saw "a creative talent" in Stalin and "gave him power that is from God."

"When you see that his political opponents one by one lose their enormous power in the country as flies in fall and leave political arena and for some reason fight against each other and win over one another and "this crafty and evil" man stands aside, hardly participating in the fight, then you understand that it was a wonder and the Lord decided everything in it," the article reads.

The author notes that the 20th Congress of the Communist Party in 1956 where the cult of a personality was condemned "historical evaluations were made not from the interests of all Russian people, but from the interests of Bolshevik top, mainly of its certain part," and Stalin turned out to be "bad" as he went against this top.

Evaluating Stalin, the priest writes that not only repressions were connected with his name, but also the Victory of 1945, independent country, morality, "entire chastity" in media, in school, ban on pornography, ban on prostitution, ban on homosexuality, on drug addiction, on corruption and Russophobia.

"It is patriotism. It is open churches. It is banned abortions. It is mothers-heroes. It is innocent girls of the higher school. It is dignity of officers and engineers. It is life and work in all honesty for the common sake," the author writes.