2013-05-13 15:56:00

Patriarch Kirill calls on Chinese believers to save world from degradation together

Beijing, May 13, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes the Russian Orthodox Church and religious organizations of China could work together on strengthening morals in the world.

"We have common moral tasks. These are global tasks. We see a sharp moral decline in many countries of the world, especially in the Western civilization," the patriarch said during a meeting with representatives of Chinese religious communities in Beijing on Monday.

All laws are based on morals and moral decline "will lead to the collapse of the entire system of human relations and mankind will commit suicide," he said.

In many Western countries, same-sex marriage is legalized, euthanasia is supported, there is indifference to prostitution, and some parties call for the legalization of pedophilia, he said.

"The Russian Orthodox Church calls for a broad religious front in defense of life on our planet and the integrity of human personality," the patriarch said.

He believes Russia and China have common spiritual foundations because both countries "do not violate the moral principles of life, but, on the contrary, try to promote spirituality in their people."

Speaking about the position of the church on the post-Soviet space, Patriarch Kirill said 80% of Russia's citizens were baptized Orthodox, about the same percentage of people in Belarus were baptized Orthodox, 95% of people living in Moldova are Orthodox, and 5 million Orthodox believers live in Kazakhstan. The Russian Orthodox Church has a total of some 200 million believers, he said.

Speaking about Christian communities, the patriarch said the Russian Orthodox Church is the largest church after the Catholic Church.

The patriarch said he considers the high level of relations between the church and the state and the church and society to be the most important achievement of the past few years.