2013-07-08 10:05:00

FEMEN activist arrested in Istanbul for anti-Islamist protest

Kiev, July 8, Interfax - An activist of Ukrainian feminist protest group FEMEN was arrested at Istanbul airport on Friday for a protest act against the "Islamist regime" of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

After landing at the airport, the topless young woman headed for the arrivals section with a banner saying "Erdogan: from Istanbul to Kabul," according to a FEMEN report.

"Thereby FEMEN urges the people of Turkey to follow the example of the Egyptians and overthrow the Islamist regime of Erdogan with compulsory resettlement in one of the countries close to him in spirit - Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan. The FEMEN women's movement urges the wonderful Turkish people not to buckle under the pressure of the repressive rule of Erdogan and his police gang, and not to betray the ideals of the humanist revolution that was born at Taksim," the statement said.

After a night at a police station, the protester was deported to Paris on Saturday with a one-year ban on re-entering Turkey.