2013-07-30 10:25:00

Tsereteli casts Europe's highest statue of Christ in bronze

Moscow, July 30, Interfax - Prominent sculptor Zurab Tsereteli has cast a statue of Jesus Christ which, when set up, may become the highest statue of Christ in Europe.

It was cast in St. Petersburg and is 33 meters high - as many meters as the years Christ lived on Earth, and its pedestal is another 50 meters high, which, overall, makes it 83 meters tall, the sculptor said.

He also said that the sculpture will be five meters taller than the statue of Christ in Lisbon, believed to be the highest in Europe.

Tsereteli said he had been offered to place the monument on a Caucasus summit in Georgia. "But I hope it will find a place in Russia. I have no doubts," Tsereteli said.

Tsereteli is president of the Russian Academy of Arts and is a prominent sculptor. His monuments can be seen in many countries.