2013-09-11 16:08:00

All-Russian Muslim Board calls on U.S., France, Turkey to drop plans to attack Syria

Moscow, September 11, Interfax - Farid Salman, the head of the Ulema Council of the All-Russian Muslim Board, has called on the leaders of the United States, France, and Turkey to drop their plans to launch a military strike against Syria.

"There is the impression that the U.S. authorities have imagined themselves to be the sole masters on this planet. People believing in God know that the Egyptian Pharaoh once imagined himself to be the Most High Lord on Earth. And God struck him down with a punishment in the other world and in this one," the Ulema Council said in a statement.

Citing the Holy Scripture, Mufti Salman pointed out that God sent his messenger Musa (Moses), "and the Pharaoh's end was lamentable."

"Let those pushing the world into the abyss of a new world war think about the Pharaoh's end," the mufti said. "There is a Moses for every Pharaoh," he said.

Mufti Salman pointed out to U.S. President Barack Obama that his predecessors "had unleashed wars and bloodshed in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan," and the bloodshed in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia has occurred during his own presidency.

"It is not for you and not for international terrorists, who have gathered on Syrian territory, but for the Syrians themselves to determine Syria's future," Mufti Salman says. "It is not America but the Lord Creator of this World is the true master of this planet," he said.

"The Lord will never tolerate anyone considering themselves the only and unique, the role the United States continues to claim," he said.

Addressing French President Francois Hollande, Mufti Salman said that, even though centuries have passed since "the disgraceful deeds" were committed by the previous leaders of France, who took part in the Crusades, the people in Syria, Lebanon, the historical Palestine, and Egypt have not forgotten this, and some of those who remember the bloodletting events that occurred in Algeria are still alive.

"You have something to do in your own country, including growing youth radicalism and anti-Semitism, the imposition of so-called new values on the majority of the population, the pension problem, and troubles with the French economy. Tackle these and other problems of French society," Mufti Salman said addressing Hollande.

In his letter to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Mufti Salman notes that Turkey has been "a model of the Muslim world's development" for quite a long time.

"It is Turkey that should regain the role of a wise arbiter today. This is its great role. God knows, a different sort of behavior may cause Turkey to lose its historic place in the Arab and Muslim world," he said.

Warning that humankind is on the verge "between the present and a future without a future," Mufti Salman has called on the United States, France, Turkey and other opponents of Syria "not to play with fire but to put out the burning fuse of war."