2013-10-17 15:56:00

Radical Islamists came to power in Lybia, the country's tribal association official says

Moscow, October 17, Interfax - Lybia is captured by al-Qaeda followers, Libyan tribal association press secretary Bassem al-Hashemi Sol said as its delegation came to Russia.

"Abdel Wahab al-Qayed, a member of the General National Congress [Libya's parliament] is the third man in al-Qaeda. He and Prime Minister Ali Zeidan work together as a smooth mechanism. The pseudo mufti of Libya is paid for his radical fatwas in which he urges people to kill the 'unfaithful' in Syria and join terrorist ranks," Sol said in his interview with the Voice of Russia radio on Thursday.

He collected video evidence that showed training of "very young guys," who were getting ready for their departure to Syria. Sol said that "prisoners are tortured in our jails and our streets have turned into a black arms market."

"Armed groups, mostly radical Islamist organizations, came to power in our country," the Lybian official added.

According to him, all the Libyan tribes are now preparing for a countrywide unification, and "all questions of secession and division will be closed once and for all".

"We will put an end to this madness that swept our country after the false 'Arab Spring'," he said.