2013-10-29 10:24:00

Two militants from Russia capture Syrian village to set up a "caliphate"

Moscow, October 29, Interfax - Two Russian citizens set up a territorial unit in the Syrian village Mashhad Ruhin which is not subordinated to authorities and opposition, the Moskovsky Komsomolets reports referring to a source in Russian power structures.

They tried to establish strict Sharia norms there. The village was captured in spring, though it has been cleared out only now, the edition says.

"This information refers to the notorious among Syrian militants Wahabi ideologists Abu Halif and Abu Banat, who established "an independent caliphate" this April in a village captured by the opposition, where they introduced autonomous administration and Sharia norms," the source informs.

According to him, real Abu Halif's name is Shamil Izmailov, he was born in 1980 in Astrakhan. In 2006, he was educated in Egypt, where later set up a training center for the CIS citizens in Alexandria together with his brother Arsen. The center was visited mainly by followers of radical Islamic trends, and "lecturers" of the center urged them to join military actions in the Northern Caucasus.

Later, Izmailov was deported from Egypt and turned out in Syria in 2012 as he joined illegal military units there.

Another Russian is called Magomed Abdurakhmanov. He was born in Dagestan village Khadzhalmakhi. He had worked for the anti-extremist administration at the Dagestan Interior Ministry, but was fired for the lack of courage and other behavioral factors discrediting law enforcement agent. Then he became enthusiastic about radical ideas, joined militant underground organizations and left for Syria together with his supporters in 2012.