2013-12-13 10:01:00

Moscow concerned about Islamist insurgents seizing military warehouses in northern Syria

Moscow, December 13, Interfax - The Russian Foreign Ministry said it was concerned with the situation developing in northern Syria, where Islamic Front militants seized large warehouses with weapons and ammunition belonging to the so-called supreme military council of the Syrian Free Army.

Islamist insurgents have also occupied the headquarters of the supreme military council in the Syrian town on Atme. Its head, Brigadier General Salim Idris, has left Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

On November 22 the Islamic Front leadership said it announced a complete break with the supreme military council and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces standing behind it and urged rebels to fight for building the Islamic state based on the Sharia law in Syria.

Amid the existing situation, the United States and the UK, whose representatives have had contacts with Islamic Front leadership, decided to stop supplies of non-lethal military help to opposition activists in northern Syria [in the framework of the help provided officially, opposition militants got armored vehicles, night-vision devices and modern communications means].

"Such situational developments can not but cause concern, including amid the preparations for the international conference on Syria in Geneva. As it is known, up until now the Islamic Front said that it denied the possibility of negotiating with the Syrian government," the document said.

Moscow will continue acting "in accordance with the principle in line for peaceful political settlements in Syria via calling on the Geneva II planned for January 22, 2014 and launching a wide inter-Syrian dialog on the basis of the Geneva communique of June 30, 2012," the statement said.

"We remain committed to all the international decisions and agreements reached regarding this, including relevant provisions of the final document of the G8 leaders in Lough Erne. We expect that all our international and regional partners will act likewise," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.