2014-01-21 15:38:00

War crimes committed in Syria by both parties, most violent ones by Jihadists Lavrov

Moscow, January 21, Interfax - War crimes committed in Syria should be investigated but only after a ceasefire and the situation is stabilized, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"It is necessary to realize that in this conflict war crimes were and are committed by both parties," Lavrov told reporters in Moscow on Tuesday.

"However, the most violent crimes are committed by Jihadists," Lavrov said citing the information released last week by the UN commissioner for human rights and the UN humanitarian directorate.

"No one cancelled the principle of responsibility for war crimes. I do not say that no crimes exist. They do and they should be documented. The most important thing now is not to separate this aspect as the most acute and pressing one," the minister said.

"The number one task now is to stop violence and political dialog is needed for this. Then, in the framework of stabilization and national reconciliation, experience exists on a global scale on how these issues are resolved - committees to determine the truth and so on," Lavrov said.

"Facts should be re-checked - too many lies float around this topic," the minister said.

Often western and regional TV channels with good reputations reported crimes, which allegedly were committed by the governmental forces in Syria, but it turned out following a check that these cases occurred ten years ago in Iraq, Lavrov said.

"Still, 90% of references about outrage from the regime were from the source, which called the Syrian observatory for human rights based in London. We inquired specifically - it is a small apartment, in which two people live. The observatory, which has become the global source of information on what is happening in Syria," Lavrov said.