2014-01-31 12:19:00

World Russian People's Assembly calls for protection of Sevastopol residents from radicals

Moscow, January 31, Interfax - The World Russian People's Assembly believes radical nationalism poses a threat to Russian residents of Sevastopol.

"The events in Ukraine have gone far beyond the framework of what is legal. Political chaos in the country is increasing and the authorities and the opposition leaders are incapable of stopping the growth of extremism in the country. Russians and Russian-speaking people are getting threats from radical nationalists and neo-fascists," the World Russian People's Assembly said in a statement obtained by Interfax-Religion on Friday.

In this situation, the World Russian People's Assembly cannot be indifferent to the fates of people who live in territories where an absolutely majority of residents are Russian, the statement says.

"In this regard, the World Russian People's Assembly is calling for special attention to be given to the call made by the residents of Sevastopol, who have expressed concerns about the future of the city in the event of radical nationalists coming to power," the statement says.

If the worst-case scenarios eventuate in Ukraine, all measures allowed by international law should be taken "to protect the population of Sevastopol from violence and the historical monuments of the city, which have special significance to Russian civilization, from desecration and destruction," the statement says.

The World Russian People's Assembly is an international public organization. It was created in 1993. Representatives of all branches of power, public associations, top clergymen of the traditional religions of Russia, academics, students, scientists, and culture figures take part in its meetings. The World Russian People's Assembly is headed by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. In 2005, the World Russian People's Assembly was given consultative status with the UN.