2014-02-07 13:34:00

Wahhabi group leader killed in Syria - Kadyrov

Moscow. February 7, Interfax - Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya, has reported that warlord Ruslan Machalikashvili, nicknamed Saifulla, has been killed in Syria.

"Wahhabi shaytan Ruslan Machalikashvili (Saifulla) hit a bomb and was killed today while trying to rob peaceful residents in Aleppo, Syria. He was a leader of a Wahhabi group in Syria, which is responsible for the killings of innocent people, robberies, and desecration of Islamic holy places," Kadyrov said on Instagram.

"Machalikashvili wondered on the Internet where the Kadyrov special task force is and asked for it to be sent to him. The militants did not know that the Kadyrov special task force could be anywhere, ready to blow up under the feet of shaytans, no matter where they are. The shaytan's call was apparently heard and he was killed. And they just buried him in the ground, instead of conducting a proper funeral! He earned what he got," Kadyrov said.