2014-05-07 14:12:00

Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church press service calls Ukrainian media criminal

Moscow, May 7, Interfax - Head of the Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church press service Vasily Anisimov harshly criticizes Ukrainian journalists.

"Ukrainian mass media are criminal, they have turned to media of mass instigation to violence. Everyone is competing in military rhetoric, lie, condemning enemies, diversionists, terrorists, "collaborates" everywhere - soho! Here is the result: hundred people killed in Odessa added to Kiev victims," Anisimov told an Interfax-Religion correspondent on Wednesday.

According to the church official, "this Moloch doesn't stop."

"Though our whole ruling political elite doesn't deserve any shed blood, any child's tears. And has never deserved. As well as the power, for which all the country's political forces are fighting for," the interviewee of the agency said.

He noted that "only pseudochurch structures such as the Unia or the schismatic Kiev Patriarchate" justify "bloody catastrophe in Odessa, fratricidal war in Donbass" with some state interests.

"No statehood can be based on blood, brutality, lack of human image: the things we saw during terrible massacre in Odessa. Fascist militants and law enforcement officers, authorities, which committed and allowed this crying lawlessness, should be condemned by society, state and the Church. As well as "spiritual" guides of brown extremists - the Unia and Filaret's followers," Anisimov said.