2014-06-24 13:28:00

Church urges to bring up Russian youth as nation of winners, not victims

Moscow, June 24, Interfax - The Moscow Patriarchate official says that at the background of reconsidering the results of World War II it necessary to bring up Russians as a nation of winners.

"There are attempts to transfer the history of World War II from discussions of who won it in discussions of who looks more like a victim as being a victim is the best political capital in some systems of values," Father Vsevolod said at a round table in Moscow.

According to him, Russian people share another perception of world - "a psychology of a winner rather than a strive to sell themselves with best profit as a victim, preference of common to private, preference of eternal life to ideals of consumption."

He stresses it is important to bring up a Russian citizen "as a winner, not a victim."

"He is not an aggressor, but a winner. A winner at the field of battle, in sport competitions, over certain circumstances of life," Father Vsevolod said.

He pointed out that "a sacrifice for the eternal life is the only ideal that allows making temporary life happy."

"Success is not a house at the seashore and a lot of money. Success, real success, is an ability to give up your life for supreme ideals, for faith, for Motherland, for close people," the church official believes.