2014-07-30 13:09:00

Orthodox Syrian children arrive in Russia for a holiday

Moscow, July 30, Interfax - Seventy children arrived in Russia from Syria for a holiday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"A group of 70 orphaned children arrived in Moscow from Syria on July 28," the Foreign Ministry said in a commentary posted on its official website.

Reports said earlier that the Foundation of St. Andrew the First Called and the National Glory Center organized Syrian children's vacation at a Russian resort.

This time, children from Orthodox orphanages in Damascus, in the Valley of the Christians and at the St. Thecla Convent in Maaloula have arrived in Russia. The group also includes children of servicemen killed in the line of duty.

The Syrian children will stay in Russia from July 28 until August 11. A cultural program will be offered to them, including classes in origami, modeling, needlework and drawing, as well as football and swimming events. They will go sightseeing in Moscow and meet with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry supports the activities of the Foundation of St. Andrew the First Called and of the National Glory Center. "Russian humanitarian assistance to the population of Syria is proceeding at the state level and along the lines of political and religious organizations with broad involvement of ordinary Russian citizens," it said.

The organizers of the visit said, in turn, that the war that has been going on for more than three years, has caused a real humanitarian disaster in Syria.

The UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) said there were 66 million children in Syria in desperate condition. Thousands of children have been killed since the conflict broke out. One thousand and six hundred schools have been destroyed.