2014-07-31 13:19:00

Situation with freedom of conscience deteriorates in the USA, the Russian Foreign Ministry official believes

Moscow, July 31, Interfax - The Russian Foreign Ministry calls politicized the recent International Religious Freedom Report by the US State Department and points out to the corresponding problems in the USA.

"We would like to stress the continuous jaundice and politicized character of the American side when preparing human rights documents. We are convinced that objectiveness of the US State Department product will cause natural doubts in a number of countries," the Russian Foreign Ministry's Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov says in his commentaries posted at the Ministry's official website.

According to the commissioner, "Washington still refuses to see that grand and consistent work has been carried out in our country to secure peaceful constructive co-existence of all traditional religions represented in the territory of the Russian Federation."

Dolgov says that the report points out to the Federal Law on opposing religious insults of citizens as an example of suppressing corresponding rights of Russians. He calls it "a clumsy attempt to reverse the question," and notes that this law aims at opposing violations of citizens' rights.

"If we speak about real problems in securing the freedom of conscience and religious freedom in the world we would like to confirm serious concerns of the international human rights community about degrading situation in the field in the USA," the commentary reads.

Referring to the information provided by profile NGOs in the USA, he says that there are over 30 organizations in the USA promoting the theory of "Islamic conspiracy" in the USA.

"American sociologists believe that 15-20 per cent of the USA population can be considered ardent xenophobes. The same number of Americans believe that Islam believers should not work in the government. According to the American FBI information, 80 per cent of the crimes committed in the country are motivated by racial, religious or national hatred," Dolgov said.