2014-08-08 17:18:00

Establishing of Islamic Caliphate in Iraq threatens Russia

Moscow, August 8, Interfax - The Islamic Caliphate recently proclaimed in Iraq by the group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is a serious challenge for security not only in the Middle Easy but also in Russia, expert of the National Strategy Institute Rais Suleymanov believes.

"This caliphate will be more serious than Imarat Kavkaz or the Taliban in Afghanistan," he said at a round table in Kazan.

According to him, territory controlled by the ISIS will be turned to the analogue of Afghanistan under the Taliban, where religious fundamentalists from the Volga Region, the Crimea and the North Caucasus will come for military experience so that in the future they could practice terrorist sabotage in Russia.

"Examining biographies of religious radicals involved in terrorist attacks in the Volga Region, we can see that many of them were in Afghanistan or Pakistan where they learned how to commit terrorist acts. Now we will probably find periods of stay in Syria and Iraq in biographies of Russian terrorists as the time of military and ideological "probation period," the expert said.