2014-08-12 11:50:00

Evacuation of refugees organized at Donetsk Gorlovka cathedral

Donetsk, August 12, Interfax - With the blessing of Archbishop Mitrophan of Gorlovka and Slavyansk, the Social Department of the Gorlovka Diocese has organized evacuation of refuges departing from the Epiphany Cathedral of Gorlovka, the local diocese official told Interfax-Religion.

Residents of Gorlovka are evacuated free of charge with the help of volunteers and donators. The buses start when the group is formed and go to the railway station of Kharkov or Dniepropetrovsk. There are also buses going to the Svyatogorsk Laura for mothers with babies and old people.

Earlier, there was a shelter organized at the church, it is still open all day round.